Leaving School? Vocational Training Could Be Right For You

Leaving School? Vocational Training Could Be Right For You

There’s a world of opportunity out there, but sometimes it can be hard to know which path is right for you. The traditional path of GCSEs then A-levels and into work or onto university is tried and trusted, but it isn’t right for everyone. If you’re looking for an alternative, vocational training could be for you.

What Is Vocational Training

In simple terms vocational training is education which prepares you for a specific career, trade or craft. Traditionally, this kind of education was favoured by practical sectors such as construction, mechanical engineering and so on. These days though, the reach of vocational training is much further.

Some of the subject areas covered by vocational courses includes:

  • Accountancy
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Construction Trades
  • Computing and ICT
  • Engineering
  • Health And Social Care
  • Management
  • Mechanics

Why Choose Vocational Training

If you have a very strong idea of the kind of career you’d like to have then vocational training courses are ideal. You’ll receive training and practical experience that gives you the kind of skills that employers want, giving an excellent gateway into employment.
Many sectors where vocational training is important have extremely strong prospects, such as the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sectors. While there are no guarantees in life, a vocational qualification in such rapidly growing sectors can lead to stable and well-paying work.

How To Find Out More About Vocational Training

The best way to get a real understanding of what vocational training can offer you, and what life at a college is like compared to school, is to go along to an open evening at your local college.

Open evenings offer a relaxed environment to get to see what courses are on offer and talk things through with lecturers. These are some of the benefits of attending an open evening:

  • Keeps Your Options Open. Even if you’re thinking of doing A-levels at school, attending an open evening for vocational training courses can open your eyes to other options.
  • Get A Taster Of College Life. Vocational training at college is very different to a school environment. You’re given a lot more autonomy and freedom and are treated like an adult. You get to learn with a wide variety of people of different ages and from different walks of life.
  • Speak To Subject Specialists. Tutors on vocational training courses are specialists in their field. They will have worked in their field professionally and so have a deep understanding of the career path you’re interested in. You’ll also find that open evenings give you time to talk with careers advisors too.

So before you make a decision on your future path, take a look at vocational training options available to you by attending an open evening.

The College of North West London is running an open evening on Thursday the 13th of November. Find out more about vocational training and register your interest today. 

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