How to Start an Online Poker Casino in the UK

At first glance, the idea of setting up an entirely new online poker site in the United Kingdom may look impossible. Fortunately for individuals looking to follow this career path, this isn’t the case, but it will certainly take some serious dedication, investment and patience. To make the process as easy as possible, we thought we’d share a quick guide that will help you start your very own online UK poker casino.

Licenses & Legality

Prior to setting up your new business, you are going to need to consider the legal stuff. The most important aspect of this is which licenses you will require, many of which are issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Usually, two licenses are needed above all others: the operating license and a personal management license.

Regardless of where in the world an online casino operates, an operating license is always crucial and must cover every form of game you wish to provide including online poker. Many online poker brands that provide games within the UK tend to have licenses from the small, British-owned island of Gibraltar. This information is often displayed at the bottom of a casino’s homepage; for example, you can read more about 888poker’s certification in the footer of their pages where the company makes it clear they hold a number of legal licenses that enable them to provide poker games for their customers. This license also enables them to provide unique games outside of existing titles, such as SNAP, an exclusive poker game that remains under the license despite being completely unique.

Sites & Software

As there are now a number of online tools and websites that will help you set up your own online site, creating a domain for your poker brand probably won’t be that difficult. Of course, if you want to ensure a high-quality backend system it may be a good idea to research web development or hire a developer to help you out.

Once the platform is set up, it will be time to actually fill your site with games to attract new customers. Arguably the cheapest option is to license games from a well-known iGaming software company such as NetEnt or Microgaming, who offer multiple versions of poker, as well as slots, roulette and more. Plus, they will also provide you with a site theme, promotion ideas and all you’ll have to pay is a percentage of your earnings. Alternatively, if you create your own games, you will have to invest money in development, advertising and issue management. The latter may even cost the most as your games won’t be backed by large companies with in-house staff to fix problems.

Finally, you will require a payment method system that is quick, easy and secure for your players to make deposits and withdrawals. These systems often come as a software package so make sure you do your research and choose the most reliable option.

After the site is all up and running, it will be up to you to market your online poker casino appropriately. As soon as those customers start appearing though, you’ll be well on your way to a life in the online casino career track. Good luck!

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